One of the many tasks Instructional Leaders face in today's digital world is being able to connect with teachers and parents. The traditional methods of staff meetings and parental convocations are becoming irrelevant and leaders struggle with innovative and creative practices. In this course, instructional leaders will learn how to "flip" their staff meetings, where they will learn how to apply different digital tools that will help them become engaging with communicating and collaborating with teachers, parents, and community members. Participants in this course will learn tools for interactive presentations, digital portfolios, screen capture, and other resources to make their meeting time more beneficial. Instructional Leaders will also learn how to create space for professional learning opportunities where both the teachers and administrators will collaborate together. 

Participants who completes all coursework will earn 1 ACLD PLU. 


Participants must hold a current Alabama Education Administrative/Leadership Certificate. 


Participants must have access to a desktop computer or laptop with internet connectivity. 

The online course will offered through Canvas or by Teachable depending on the instructor. This PLU will expire in three (3) years.



Hi, I’m Eujon Anderson

Eujon Anderson is the Technology Director for Troy City Schools, located in Troy, Alabama. As Technology Director, Eujon Anderson oversees the daily tasks of managing the network infrastructure of three schools, as well as, technology planning, professional development, and keeping the technology in order in the classrooms. Mr. Anderson currently provides for over 2500 technology devices, in particular, an initiative with Chromebooks 3rd - 12th, called TCS BlendED. 

Eujon Anderson currently holds certifications in Google as a Google Certified Educator Level One and Two, a Google Certified Trainer, and a Google Innovator. Mr. Anderson has his Masters in Instructional Technology from Auburn University in Montgomery.

Google Innovator

Google Certified Trainer